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We have something for every mood, every level, every goal.

You can filter our video library on intensity, level, style and muscle group focus. Not the intuitive type? We offer weekly calendars to help keep you on track.

The Sculpt Class

Sculpt  is our signature flow. The perfect class for when you want to feel the burn in all the right places. These classes will target every muscle in your body to get you that signature barre burn in no time. Challenging yet very effective, the workout focuses on eccentric and isometric moves to bring the muscle to fatigue - the famous “barre shake” - in order to build strength, balance the back and the front body and transform your physique. 

The Cardio Class

Our Cardio classes will have you buzzing from an endorphin hit. Good for your general health, heart, blood flow and weight loss - cardio is proven to reduce stress and anxiety and even help you sleep better. Short bursts of high-energy exercise, with short rests in between to recover.
Incredibly effective and extremely rewarding - a HIIT session will keep motivation high with new moves to try each round.
Each exercise has a Low Intensity modification for those who aren’t fans of jumping, but still want to join a class which raises their heart rates.

The Power Sculpt Class

This is the perfect class for when you are in the mood for a little adrenaline spike in the form of two Tabata sets right in the middle of our signature sculpt sets. Blast the music and get ready to sweat from a barre and cardio combo that will have you coming back for more.

The Restore Class

Flow through this full body stretch-yoga fusion before or after a workout, in the morning or at night to feel rejuvenated, relaxed and aligned. This class is a gift from you to your body. A moment to let go, breathe and centre. It will improve your posture and flexibility as well as relieving muscle pain, tension headaches and mental stress.


$12.99 / £9.50



$9.99 / £7.25

" It’s been quite the challenge for me to maintain a fitness routine during this time of quarantine, but Chiara's smiling face is just the motivation I have needed. The workouts are a challenge (in the best possible way), and I love how everything can be done from the space of your own mat. It certainly eliminates excuses! She is such an inspiration and has continued to motivate me from across the world! "

Jackie, New York City


<p>Jackie, New York City</p>, <p>On TOTALBODY STUDIO</p>

See you on the mat!