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Experience a unique and transformative approach to barre that will have you feeling not just stronger, longer, and leaner but also release physical tension and mental stress. Create sustainable and lasting change that will help you feel and look more confident. Whether you have experienced Barre before or you are a beginner, a business woman, a mum or both… the TotalBody Studio is for you.


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Immediate access to the full curated library of classes including barre, cardio & restore. New classes released weekly.


Easy access to all your favourite workouts from any device: phones, laptop, tablets or TVs.


Transformative & progressive weekly calendars. Something for every level, mood & goal.

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Spicy bi-monthly Challenges to boost motivation and take you to the next level.


Beginner, intermediate, and advanced level options. Whatever your fitness level is, we can help elevate it.


Access to our virtual sisterhood. We are all about inspiring and supporting each other.

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Our Method

TotalBody Studio was born to offer a safe space for women to take some time out for themselves, learn to love their bodies and celebrate what it can achieve. The TotalBody method is not only about the body. Using your breathing to accompany every movement will help release stress and make you feel more grounded way beyond the time on the mat.

Our difference

Chiara’s unique approach to strength training will burn out your muscles pretty quickly which will get you stronger more effectively and more efficiently. This type of training really helps your mobility, flexibility, stability and posture and will ultimately prevent injury in your everyday life.


I have worked out with Chiara for years. She brings a wonderful positive energy and in-depth knowledge to health and fitness. She’s very well-rounded in her approach to fitness and mind-body balance, and I really appreciate and admire that she really does live the lifestyle she advocates.

Claire Yearwood, London

On totalbody studio

It’s been quite the challenge for me to maintain a fitness routine during this time of quarantine, but Chiara's smiling face is just the motivation I have needed. The workouts are a challenge (in the best possible way), and I love how everything can be done from the space of your own mat. It certainly eliminates excuses!

Jackie Wong, NYC

On totalbody studio

Chiara is the best! The workouts are always challenging, but easily adaptable for different levels. I have always worked out a lot, but I learned so much from Chiara. She is very knowledgeable and her form corrections are spot on. I also have to mention her attitude and teaching method is amazing. She knows when to push you, and her positivity and smile make you try and believe you can do it. I love her style!

Racquel Johnson, Seattle

On totalbody studio

<p>Claire Yearwood, London</p>, <p>On totalbody studio</p>
<p>Jackie Wong, NYC </p>, <p>On totalbody studio</p>
<p>Racquel Johnson, Seattle</p>, <p>On totalbody studio</p>


$12.99 / £9.50



$9.99 / £7.25

A Curated Library of Premium Classes

Something for every mood, every level, every goal.

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